Working together to sort through the big issues.

Our Working Groups are easy-going gatherings of Fabians and other passionate members of the community who dedicate their time to helping us strengthen our understanding of specific practical, theoretical and policy-related topics. The documents and ideas produced by our Working Groups form the core of the material we use to educate, agitate and organise for social change.

Most Working Groups look at areas covered by our main Projects, but some pursue entirely indepedent lines of inquiry. We want the broadest possible range of analysis, each instance being taken to the most detailed levels. Most Working Groups meet regularly a few times a month in local pubs, cafes and community spaces, where they are led by a volunteer coordinator. Working Group meetings are announced on our Calendar page. 

Anyone, whether they are a Fabian or not, can join a Working Group or form one of their own. Those who join will be kept informed of group meetings via email. If you're interested, please reach out to admin@nelondonfabians.org or go to our Contact page.

Check back soon: more groups are always being added! Announcements will be posted to our various social media feeds, so stay tuned.


1. Drugs policy working group

The Drugs Policy Working Group is responsible for investigating the relationship between national drug policy and different outcomes in areas as diverse as crime, public health and economics. 

2. Party Governance Working Group

The Party Governance Working Group is responsible for critically analysing the internal structures, organisational cultures, habits and methodologies of the Labour Party and its affiliate groups, with an eye towards improving their functional effectiveness as well as their public standing as a transparent, accountable organisations.