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The North East London Fabians commission, edit and publish in-depth as well as short-form analysis of the big issues facing Londoners from an anti-authoritarian socialist perspective, with an eye towards building consensus inside and outside the Labour Party around evidence-based policy programmes. 

Currently, our research falls under seven broad headings. Each policy area comes with a broad statement of the overall themes emerging from our published work thus far, as well as a trove of individual essays, research papers, blog posts, and other publications.

Some work is done by individuals, some by people working together informally, and some by special Working Groups set up by the NE London Fabians, which consist of Fabians as well as interested members of the broader community. Working Group activity falls under the policy headings described below, but often focuses on very specific aspects of these and other broad subjects. Find out more about Working Group activity here.

Work in these areas is always ongoing. We are always uncovering new ideas, challenging old ones, and publishing our findings. Together we can answer the basic questions of the socialist movement in the twenty-first century. 

If you're interested in contributing to this process, please get in touch about writing for us independently, donating, or joining our team today.

We welcome ideas for written content on topics that don't necessarily fit neatly into any of these categories.

When new policy work is published, it will be added to one of these headings and announced on our social media feeds, so keep your eyes out!


1. economy.

The majority of Britons identify the economy as the number-one issue facing the country in the 21st century. We agree. Our research on the economy covers inequality, skills, the future of work, industrial strategy, and more.


2. Crime.

Coming soon.


3. Public Services

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4. Public health.

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5. Transport & Environment.

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6. Housing.

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7. Governance.

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Coming soon: Our Metropolis: London in 2020

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