Being a Fabian in Enfield

Being a Fabian in Enfield

My name is Morenike, although I usually go by Nicki. I’ve been a member of the Fabian Society for just over two years and I'm the newest executive member of the North East London Fabian Society, having been elected as Vice Chair for Enfield. I'm delighted to be part of a local society which provides opportunities for members and focuses on the key issues most affecting the boroughs we serve. 

Enfield is a unique borough in many ways; being on the outskirts of London but facing many issues that affect the inner city. The lack of affordable housing, poor air quality and the rise in knife crime are all important issues to be tackled in Enfield, just like the rest of the capital.

There are a number of other issues that I am conscious of, such as the fact that 31 per cent of workers do not earn a living wage and Enfield having the highest rate of evictions in the capital, are all equally important to local residents. Furthermore, there are great differences within the borough. For example, 40 per cent of the borough’s area is designated Green Belt, giving a rare countryside feeling in a city like London. On the other hand, there are areas in Enfield that have some of the most deprived wards in England. All of this with the backdrop of the major regeneration programme taking place in Meridian Water.

As Vice Chair for Enfield, I will aim to bring these issues to the fore. I will be holding a number of events where local issues are discussed, engaging with the local Labour party, and ensuring that members living in Enfield have the opportunity to get as involved with their local Fabian society.

Our policy focus areas for the coming year are debt and personal finance and culture and the creative industry. These events will be run across the four boroughs, each with a different focus.

Enfield’s culture event will focus on answering two questions:

  1. How can we ensure that this sector reflects Enfield's population and that we retain talent in Enfield?

  2. How can the arts become a priority within the education system?  

Enfield boasts some amazing arts and culture venues, with three theatres- Millfield Theatre, Dugdale Theatre and Chickenshed, as well as, having festivals, choirs and of course, the picturesque Forty Hall Estate. Yet, culture and arts can feel like a Central London thing, something that residents need to travel into the city to experience. Furthermore, despite the arts industry continuing to grow and creative jobs being the least likely to fall to automation, with schools under financial pressures like never before, the teaching of arts is no longer seen as a priority. We hope to tackle some of these challenges in what is sure to be an interesting panel event.

I will also be hosting an event “Enfield Under Labour”,in continuation with the current series, this event will focus on what the present and future holds for Enfield under a Labour council.

If you want to get involved, whether it be through attending events, writing articles, making donations, or even perhaps joining our committee, you can do this by following us on our social media pages or via the website.

Morenike Adeleke