Event Recap - The War on Drugs: A Losing Battle?


Drug policy and its relationship to broader social issues is one of the most pressing, and also the most complicated issues of our time. Dr. Henry Fisher and Professor David Nutt treated the North East London Fabians to an evening of real insight on Wednesday. 

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David Nutt makes a powerful case for an historic, wide-ranging understanding of the failures of drug policy since the 1950s.

Professor David Nutt of Imperial College London and Dr. Henry Fisher of The Loop made a powerful case for reconsidering our society's stance on drug laws, enforcement, treatment, and prevention.

Prof. Nutt brought cogently explained how various governments had taken a successively harder line on drugs like cannabis and expressed his view that these laws were destroying innocent lives. He argued for a total overhaul of national drug policy.

Dr. Fisher made the case for looking at problems related to drug use and how we handle them from a present-oriented perspective, arguing less for large-scale legal overhaul and more for specific kinds of actions that communities and local government can take right now to alleviate suffering and educate the public.

The event was chaired by Dr. Martin Edobor of the Fabians National Executive Committee, who led our speakers through this extremely detailed, compelling discussion.

Attendees were invited to take part in an ongoing discussion of drug policy issues as part of our NE London Fabians Drugs Policy Working Group, which will take the ideas presented at this event as a starting point for the eventual creation of an NELF drugs policy statement which we will attempt to carry into law. Anyone interested is encouraged to check out our Drugs Policy Working Group here. Information about other Working Groups is available here, and we also encourage everyone to check out becoming a member of our society or making a donation to help support our work.