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London needs leaders.

And everyone can be one. Stand up and make your voice heard.

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We live in interesting times. Between escalating economic uncertainty, a warming planet, sharpening social tensions, an emboldened far-right, incompetent Tory government, on-going austerity, and a rising generation of young people disenchanted with the status quo, socialism has its work cut out for it more than ever before.

But it's not always clear what socialism in the 21st century is supposed to mean. We still need a politics for working people - ordinary people - but some old-fashioned interpretations of socialism take as their starting point a very limited idea of what it means to be a worker, and the politics that comes out of these ideas is similarly limited. We need a socialist movement that represents the working class in all its modern diversity. This means thinking critically about what work in contemporary economy actually is, re-evaluating our ideas of productivity and growth, and, crucially, making sure socialist politics makes room for everbody, regardless of their gender, their ethnic or national background, their religion, age, sexual orientation or social status. 

We need to criticise and evaluate what works and what doesn't in contemporary British socialism. For that, we need a conversation. We want everyone to be a part of that conversation, starting with everyone in North East London. We welcome students, workers, professionals, and people of every other economic status as members. Membership is free for members of the national Fabian Society and £10 per year for everyone else. Labour Party membership is encouraged, but not required. You can also support us by making a donation. You can also learn more about the policy areas we cover and our Working Group activity here.

Together, we can show London what politics for the many and not the few really looks like.

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People outside north east london who wish to support our work can make a donation or become a sponsor.