How We Work

The north east london fabian society 

We are democratic, self-governing group of like-minded Londoners passionate about socialism, equality and freedom. We are affiliated to the national Fabian Society, but we have our own Constitution, our own membership, and our own set of independent positions on the most pressing topics facing London, the UK and the world. Find out more about our political principles here.

As an organisation, we are committed to our principles of open debate, participation, inclusivity, and fairness. Membership is open to people of all economic, social, national, ethnic and religious backgrounds regardless of age, gender or sexual orientation. We are, like the Fabian Society as a whole, associated with the Labour Party, which has similarly open standards for membership. We believe that the political program of justice, compassion, and human flourishing - the values of the historic workers' movement - crosses all borders and breaks down all barriers. 

We are governed by our membership, which makes its collective views known every year at the all-member General Meeting. General Meetings may be attended by anyone, and any full member of the North East London Fabian Society may make proposals, nominate themselves or others for official positions, and vote for candidates. Between General Meetings, members make their voices heard and views known in day-to-day work. 

More detailed information about meetings, membership and rules can be found in our Constitution, which can be downloaded in PDF form here.

General Meetings appoint an Executive Committee for the twelve-month period until the next GM. The EC then meets regularly, votes on decisions and publishes reports of its activity. The Executive Committee is made up of a Chair, a Secretary, a Treasurer and one Vice-Chair for each of the wards covered by the NELF. These wards are Enfield, Haringey, Waltham Forest, and Hackney. Information about the current makeup of the Executive Committee can be found here. More information about the areas we cover can be found here. You can also learn more about the policy areas we cover and our Working Group activity here.

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