The mother of all issues.

the majority of britons identify the economy as the number-one issue facing the country in the 21st century. we agree.

It's no exagerration to say that an economy that really works for the many is the necessary foundation for any kind of progressive, healthy society. And yet world-leading scholars like Thomas Piketty agree that economic growth as we knew it in the twentieth century - the kind of growth which underpinned the postwar welfare state consensus - is going to be increasingly difficult to attain. We have to go beyond growth to solve the challenges of modern life. Britain's ability to control its economic fate is limited by the realities of a global economy - but London, even in the age of Brexit, can punch above its weight.

What can socialist politics mean in an age of low growth? How can the Labour Party recover its deserved reputation as a capable steward of the national wealth? Is there another, more meaningful way of understanding growth that goes beyond or even against GDP? And what is London's role in the national conversation? The following series of essays and policy documents attempts to navigate these stormy waters.


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