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Members of the North East London Fabians are what make everything possible. We need people of all backgrounds to come forward and help us put in the hard work of expanding London's political horizons through activism, research and more. Members will receive updates on our spending on a regular basis, receive invitations to our annual General Meetings, and will be called on to participate in discussions, workshops, forums and other events. More information about membership can be found in our Constitution, which can be downloaded in PDF form here.

Membership costs £10 per year for everyone not also a member of the national Fabian Society. National Fabians join free. Membership fees should be paid via the Donations page in the name of the member. Alternatively you can contact to ask about other options, or with any questions. We will confirm your membership once we have confirmed payment, if necessary.

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Members of the national Fabian Society can join the NELF for free. Local-only members must pay £10 per year to cover fees we owe to the national Society for each non-national member.
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